Pronto llegará un parche para Don’t Knock Twice de Nintendo Switch.


Wales Interactive ha confirmado que se encuentra Desarrollando un parche para Don’t Knock Twice de Nintendo Switch.

Este Parche pretende solucionar algunos problemas con el Frame Rate del Juego en la Consola, además de que prometen solucionar algunos detalles técnicos del Juego.

Los dejamos con el comunicado oficial de este parce que llegará pronto a Don’t Knock Twice de Nintendo Switch:

Patch Announcement

Here’s a quick update to let you know that we are aware of the performance issues and will be releasing a patch very soon. In fact, we have already submitted the patch to Nintendo and waiting on approval. Upon approval, we can expect it to go live in just over a week’s time.

The patch will include major framerate improvements, easier interaction with objects, bigger read-me texts, minor change to control scheme to avoid dropping items, new languages added, visual enhancements and minor collision/bug fixes.


We know it’s frustrating to pick up a new game and run into performance issues and for that, we apologise. Don’t Knock Twice was our most ambitious project yet with a release on 4 different platforms, 3 VR devices and a retail launch. For the Switch, we initially underestimated how much optimisation is needed for it to run smoothly on the console but you should find the game’s performance has now greatly improved and we hope you agree! We really appreciate all the support we have been given since the launch, and we will continue to listen to the feedback from the Switch community.




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