Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle | Se anuncia el Versus Mode de manera Gratuita para el Juego.


El día de hoy, Ubisoft ha hecho oficial la llegada del Versus Mode de Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle para Nintendo Switch. Este nuevo Modo de Juego llegará de manera Gratuita al aclamado título de Estrategia de Mario y los Raving Rabbids de Ubisoft:

“Versus Mode is a new multiplayer experience, playable locally on a single console and developed especially for you, the fans! This long-awaited two-player game mode allows you to defy a friend and show your tactical abilities in fun local fights, filled with random bonus items that make every battle epic.”

Los dejamos con el comunicado oficial de este Nuevo anuncio:

The critically-acclaimed game receives a free update – a new local Versus mode where two players will use their tactical skills to play against each other on the same screen (sharing a pair of Joy-Con™ controllers or using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers) to fight on unique and evolving battlefields.

Players will freely pick three different heroes from amongst the eight from the main game. For each character, the player will choose from among three unique pre-sets, with specific statistics and skills to create their own strategy.

Surprising and random bonus items are available on the battlefields, conferring additional actions, double damage or other advantages to the player who collects them.

Every battle can be customised with various settings, from adding a timer or limiting the number of turns of the battle, to removing all the items for a pure tactical experience

Fuente: Ubisoft PR.


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