Mighty Gunvolt Burst se actualizará a la versión 1.3 el día de mañana.


En un par de días, Mighty Gunvolt Burst recibirá Tres Nuevos Personajes como Contenido Descargable dentro del Juego. La versión 1.3 del Juego llegará el día mañana (28 de Diciembre del 2018) ofreciéndonos la oportunidad de adquirir a RAY, Copen y Kurona, así como de resolver los siguientes problemas dentro del Juego:

– When clearing the Gateway or Cyberspace Coliseum stage without taking damage, the additional bonus points (+3000) earned for a no damage clear are not awarded.
– On Joule’s customization screen, incorrect text in the Help Guide would occasionally display instead of the proper text.
– (3DS Only) When the thumbnail for “Pixel Sticker No. 176” appears, the wrong image will sometimes appear.
– Other minor bug fixes have also been implemented in order to improve game performance.

Mañana también recibiremos una Demo de Mighty Gunvolt Burst a través de la eShop de Nintendo Switch. Inti Creates confirma 80,000 Descargas del título alrededor del Mundo.

Los dejamos con el video de estos anuncios:

Published on Dec 26, 2017

The third major content update to Mighty Gunvolt Burst is here, and with it two brand new DLC playable characters! The cast of rivals from Mighty No. 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and Gal*Gun make their debut with RAY, Copen, and Kurona striking onto the scene, each bringing their own unique playstyles!
As RAY, unleash powerful melee attacks with her claws, charge and fore her massive Collapse Ray beam, and watch out for her Xel Decay, which slowly drains her health. Recover health by attacking enemies!
As Copen, turn Element abilities you reserve from defeated bosses into EX Weapons with the help of your combat pod AI, Lola! Take to the skies with Copen’s Mid-Air Dash Z, which allows him to perform multiple air dashes before hitting the ground.
As Kurona, fire energy shots from your Demon Spear, and power them up with her Demonic Power to have them temporarily pierce through shields. Float through the air with her Hovering ability, then rain some pain down on the heads of her foes with Kurona’s devastating Spear Drop ability! All three characters are now available on the Nintendo eShop for $1.99 each!
Fuente: Inti Creates PR.


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