Descargas y Descuentos Digitales de Nintendo – Mar. 15, 2018 [América].


Les traemos las Descargas Digitales de Nintendo para el día de hoy en Norte América.

Estos Juegos y Promociones estarán activos a partir de las 9:00 PT / 11:00 Tiempo del Centro de México y hasta la fecha indicada en el caso de los Descuentos y Promociones.

Todos los precios están en USD y deberán ser convertidos al Tipo de Cambio de su Moneda Local.

Juegos de Nintendo Switch 

  • Attack on Titan 2 – $59.99 (Disponible el 20 de Marzo)
  • Kirby Star Allies – $59.99 (Disponible el 16 de Marzo)

Descargas de Nintendo Switch 

  • ACA NeoGeo Aero Fighters 3 – $7.99
  • Bad Dudes – $9.99 (Disponible el 21 de Marzo)
  • Bingo – $4.99
  • Clustertruck – $14.99
  • Enchanting Mahjong Match – $4.99
  • Gem Smashers – $14.99
  • Last Day of June – $19.99 (Disponible el 16 de Marzo)
  • The Long Reach – $14.99
  • Neonwall – $9.99
  • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse – $19.99 (Disponible el 20 de Marzo)
  • Sparkle 3 Genesis – $4.49
  • Swim Out – $5.99 (Disponible el 20 de Marzo)
  • Tesla vs Lovecraft – $14.99 (Disponible el 16 de Marzo)
  • WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom – $29.99

DLC de Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion – INKoming DLC! Play as an Octoling for the very first time in this large-scale downloadable content for the Splatoon 2 game. This full-on single-player adventure launches this summer and spans 80 missions starring Agent 8, a new character who awakens on a dark subway platform. Navigate this mysterious underground test facility in a desperate battle to reach the surface of Inkopolis. Escape from these twisted depths, and you’ll finally be able to join multiplayer matches as an Octoling! You may think you know everything about the world of Splatoon, but these waters run deep, and so does the lore. Octo Expansion launches this summer, but players can purchase this content in advance today for $19.99 for immediate access to special octo-themed in-game gear. (The full game is required to use the DLC. Additional games and systems required for multiplayer mode.)

Demos de Nintendo Switch 

  • Deep Ones (Disponible el 19 de Marzo)
  • Plantera Deluxe
  • TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition
  • Vostok Inc.

Descuentos de la Nintendo eShop

Descuentos en la eShop de Nintendo Switch, WiiU y Nintendo 3DS.
Hay Grandes descuentos para esta semana! Pueden checar la lista completa de descuentos desde aquí:


You can redeem your points to get discounts on these great games and keep the MAR10 Day celebration going all month long:

Mario Jumps to Google Maps – We’ve collaborated with the team at Google to let Mario accompany you on all your driving adventures with Google Maps. Just remember to practice safe driving on the road – we don’t encourage throwing bananas or red shells at other drivers in real life. Navigate with Mario in Google Maps and share your #MarioMaps experience with us. Check out the limited-time event before it ends March 17 at 9 p.m. PT.

My Nintendo March Rewards – My Nintendo is celebrating March with Mario-themed rewards! Redeem your points and get these rewards:

  • Mario’s Mighty Mustache Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme
  • Mario Wallpaper (red)
  • Mario Wallpaper (white)
  • Official Prima eGuides for the Super Mario 3D Land and Paper Mario: Sticker Star games
  • 30 percent discount on Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nintendo 3DS)
  • 30 percent discount on Mario Party 10 (Wii U)
  • 40 percent discount on New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo 3DS)
  • 40 percent discount on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Nintendo 3DS)
  • 30 percent discount on Mario& Luigi: Dream Team (Nintendo 3DS)
  • 40 percent discount on Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo 3DS)
  • 30 percent discount on Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)
  • 40 percent discount on Dr. Luigi (Wii U)
  • 40 percent discount on Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure (Nintendo 3DS)

¿Hay algo para ustedes en las Descargas Digitales y Descuentos de Nintendo para esta semana?

No olviden compartir, y dejar sus comentarios.

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  • Vía.


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