Se anuncia AI: The Sominum Files para Nintendo Switch.

AI_The Sominum Files

El día de hoy, el creador de la Serie Zero Scape: Kotako Uchikoshi ha anunciado su nuevo título: AI: The Sominum Files. Este título llegará en algún momento del Futuro cercano al Nintendo Switch, y nos pondrá en el papel de un detective que tendrá que resolver algunos misterios alrededor de muertes y asesinatos en Japón.

Las siguientes son algunas características de este nuevo juego:

Here’s the first round of information and the debut teaser:

– This was Project: Psync first teased at GDC last year
– Some areas in Tokyo are more technically advanced than they are now
– Starts out with a bizarre murder case
– Left eye has been gouged out of the skull
– Play as a detective on the trail of a serial killer
– Adventure game/visual novel as fans have come to expect
– Main character is named Date
– His two eyes are different colors
– Left eye is an artificial eye; has an AI unit within it, uses tech within it to solve crimes
– If he finds a key witness/suspect, Date can go into their memories and extract memories
– These are like dreamscapes
– Delve into dreams in search of clues
– “AI” in the title is pronounced like “eye”
– Eye is a theme of the game
– “Ai” also means “love” in Japanese
– Love is another theme of the game
– Character design: Yusuke Kozaki (No More Heroes, Fire Emblem, Pokemon GO trainer designs)
– Another main character: Iris
– Iris is an 18 year-old high school student
– She makes viral videos including “Let’s Plays”

Los dejo con el Primer Trailer de este nuevo anuncio:



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