Pokémon GO | Se anuncia día de la comunidad basado en Piplup.

El día de hoy se ha confirmado que el primer día de la comunidad del año de Pokémon GO estará basado en el Pokémon tipo Agua: Piplup.

Este nuevo día de la comunidad se llevará a cabo el próximo 20 de enero del 2020.

Piplup will appear much more frequently in the wild and in raids during this time, and if you’re lucky, you might even find a Shiny Piplup! If you evolve Prinplup (the evolved form of Piplup) into Empoleon during the event or up to two hours afterward, the Empoleon will know an attack it can’t normally learn!

By spinning PokéStops during Community Day hours, you may receive Eggs that will hatch into Piplup. Plus, Lure Modules will last for three hours, and Eggs will require one-quarter the usual Hatch Distance when placed in Incubators during the event.

Check back soon to find out the name of the exclusive attack, and have fun on Piplup Community Day, Trainers!



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