Fire Emblem Engage | Tarjeta de perfil de Lumiere – Nintendo Switch.

La cuenta oficial de Fire Emblem en Twitter ha compartido la tarjeta de perfil de Lumiere.

Lumiere (voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi) is the king of the divine dragons who governs the Holy Land Ritos, and the mother of Ryul. A hero who cooperated with people in the war against the evil dragon 1,000 years ago and saved the continent. #FEエンゲージ

También se ha dado una pequeña introducción de la Tierra Legendaria de Ritos, llegar céntrico del juego donde vive Lumiere:

The sacred land «Ritos» is a land ruled by Ryul’s mother, God Dragon King «Lumiel». Located in the center of the Eleos continent, it is a sacred area of light and grassland where the gentle and refreshing wind of the plateau blows through. Ruhl has been sleeping on the floating island of Litos for a thousand years. #FEエンゲージ