Sonic Mania se actualiza a la versión 1.0.3


Hace un par de horas que se ha liberado la actualización 1.0.3 de Sonic Mania en Nintendo Switch y otras Plataformas. Esta actualización pretende arreglar algunos problemas del Juego y ofrecer los siguientes beneficios a todos los Usuarios del Título:

  • There is now a separate command for turning into Super Sonic. Triangle for PS4, Y for Xbox, and X for Switch Example
  • Using the Bubble Shield bounce as the second act of a zone started no longer crashes the game…yes that was a thing too
  • The game no longer saves your score after finishing a game file. Starting on any level from a finished game file resets the score to 0
  • Some general bug fixes such as glitching into Knuckles’ section in Green Hill with Sonic
  • The Dunkey easter egg was removed
  • Switch home delay has been fixed
  • Press Garden Act 2 had a path with a row of 4 ice cubes that you couldn’t get past without the fire shield. If you had Super Sonic without Tails, you were locked in there till the Super form wore off Example That row of ice cubes has been cut down to two to compensate for that situation should it occur Example

Adicional a esto, también se corrige un error al presionar el Botón HOME del Nintendo Switch al jugar este título.




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